30+ Ways To Start A Conversation Over Text With Him

100+ Ways To Start A Conversation Over Text With Him

If you love a guy and want to know how to start a conversation over text with him, here’s one of many ways to make your texts more interesting. Whether you’re talking about something that happened in school today or want to discuss something funny from five minutes ago, these 30+ texts will open up a new world of conversation for you and your guy.

1. Start with ‘Hey.’
Although it’s considered quite informal, “hey” is a great place to start a conversation. If he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t like to start conversations, feel free to give him space! You can add in some stuff about yourself if you want and see where the conversation goes.

2. Ask Questions
This is something you can use for any topic: school, work, friends, movies, and so on. It’s always interesting to talk about your interests and ask questions about different things. If you’re not sure how to ask a question, you can ask here are some example questions.

3. Ask for an opinion
If you want to get his opinion on something (school, work, friends), say, “what do you think about this?” and wait for his response. If he agrees with the topic, continue with your topic otherwise and just talk about whatever else interests you.

4. Make a comparison
This is the perfect tool to get him hooked in the conversation. If you’ve got something in common, compare the two and see how much better your two points of view are. Ask questions such as “what do you know about this?” and see where the conversation goes.

5. Share an experience
Whether it’s school, work, or something else, there are bound to be moments that can help to start a conversation and share experiences with each other.

How To Start A Conversation Over Text With Him In A Sweet Way

Don’t worry if you want to make your guy feel special through texts but cannot process the conversation; we got your back! Here’s how to start a conversation over text with him in a sweet manner.

1. Ask a rhetorical question
Rhetorical questions are those questions whose answer is already known by both of you. For example: “what are you wearing?” is a good way to start a conversation about something.

2. Make a statement
If you want to create a more emotional connection with your crush, make a statement about how you’re doing and see what he has to say about it.

3. Ask for his opinion on something specific. If you know that he’s interested in something specific, ask for his opinion on this subject and see where the conversation goes.

4. Share something
Whether it’s an experience you had or something funny that happened, sharing is a great way to start a conversation.

5. Ask him about his day/week/month. If you want to know how his day was, start the conversation with this question and see what he has to say about it!

6. End with a question
If you want to end your text conversation with your crush on a high note, ask him a question and finish the conversation on this level. This will also keep the conversation going on for longer and give both of you more time to talk about what interests both of you.

7. Comment on his text
If you want to start a conversation that’s not too long or boring, comment on the last thing he said. This will give a little more detail to the conversation without going over the top.

8. Comment on your last text
If you’re not sure how to end the conversation, comment on your own previous text and see what happens next. You can try this in combination with suggestion seven if you want!

9. Use emoticons & emojis: Emoticons are one of those things that can greatly help a conversation flow more smoothly if used correctly.

How To Start A Conversation Over Text With Him To Make Him Fall For You

You’ve been texting this guy for a week now, and the conversation was going really well. You found out that he likes the same band as you do, his parents are nice, and he has a great sense of humor. But now you want him to love you. Don’t worry; here’s how to start a conversation over text with him to make him fall for you.

1. Be funny: Why do people think that being funny makes a conversation interesting and fun? It does! If you’re trying to get him to talk about something, in particular, let your sense of humor show through in your texts.

2. Share an experience: If you want to know how his day was, ask him about it! This will make him more likely to talk to you and share something personal with you. It’s better if the experience is something good, like a compliment.

3. Ask questions: If you want to get his opinion on something (school, work, friends), ask him about it and see where the conversation goes. Also, try asking him questions that are specific to him!

4. If he has something in common with you, make a statement about this and see what happens! We all like getting compliments sometimes, and if he does too, then I bet he’ll be happy to share a personal experience with you soon enough.

5. Share your hobbies: If you have any hobbies that he might like, share them with him and see how the conversation goes. For example, if you like watching movies together, suggest a movie that you’ll both enjoy.

Text Messages To Make Him Feel Obsessed With You

Now you know how to start a conversation over text with him, but how to make him feel obsessed with you? Don’t worry! We have six text messages to make him feel obsessed with you.

1. Message him how much you miss him: If the two of you have been texting for a while, tell him how much you miss the conversations and see how he responds to that. For example, “I’m missing our conversations so much! I had so much fun talking to you today.”

2. Text him he’s beautiful: If you’ve been talking a while and he’s turned into your crush, tell him how much you think he’s beautiful.

Make sure to do this in a sweet way! I mean, it just shows that you care about his wellbeing! 3. Message him to ask if he’s okay: If you want to know if your crush is okay, text him and ask this simple question.

4. Message him about the weather: If you’ve been texting for a while and it doesn’t seem like he wants to talk anymore, let the conversation go on longer by asking where his day was or what happened during the day. For example, “how was your day? Tell me where you went.

For example, “you know, I heard that you’re really romantic! Did you do anything special for your girl today?” 5. Message him to tease him: If you want to tease your crush, do it in a way that seems innocent and playful.

6. Message him randomly: If the two of you have been texting each other recently, it’d be nice to surprise him with a random text message.

How To Start A Conversation Over Text With Him (In A Clever Way!)

Before you start, you need to know that trying to be too friendly over text is as same as forcing the guy to like you. Don’t worry, here’s how to start a conversation over text with him in a clever way.

1. Ask for his opinion on something specific: For example, “what did you think about the movie?” or “what do you think of the new song?” This will engage him in the conversation and help him feel like he can actively participate in it.

2. Comment on his last text: If you want to comment on his last text, just say something like, “sorry, I couldn’t answer earlier. I’m so happy that you’re doing okay.” This is an easy way to make sure that the conversation keeps going without making him feel annoyed.

3. Say what’s in your mind: If you have an exciting thought about something or a question for him, don’t hold it back! It’s easier to say this stuff through text because it doesn’t require you to see each other right away.

4. Tell him what you’re interested in: If you have been texting him for a while, but he doesn’t seem to be too invested in the conversation, ask him something about his interests.

5. Use the word “we”: If you want to talk about something specific, use the word “we” in a way that sounds inviting and friendly. For example, “The party we went to was entertaining!” or “I can’t believe how much we have in common! We should talk about this more.

Pick-up Lines To Start A Conversation Over Text With Him

You look like the kind of girl who needs a little pick-up line to get started. Maybe you’re tired of trying to get him on the phone or at night and really aren’t getting anywhere. You need a new strategy, one that doesn’t require a lot of thinking and can be executed right now in your pocket. Here are 60 pick-up lines to start a conversation over text with him:

  1. Like a lion tamer, when I look into your eyes, all I see are big cats.
  2. It’s a good thing your parents aren’t here right now. They would disapprove of me giving you my number.
  3. All my friends tell me if I could just meet a boy like you, my dating life would be completely different!
  4. You are exactly what I have been waiting for all these years!
  5. If we were in an elevator, and it blew up, I would jump to save your number in my phone first! What’s your number? 😉
  6. You’re the kind of girl who doesn’t want to be rescued… I like that.
  7. My friends gave me a dare to steal your heart..!!
  8. If you were a traffic light, you would be the green light I’ve been waiting for all my life!
  9. If I had to pick an animal to match your personality, I’d choose a lion because of its powerful nature, grace, and attitude.
  10. The way you are looking at me is making my heart skip a beat or two… Maybe even three!
  11. Did you know that when they say 1 out of 4 people suffers from insanity, what they mean is 3 out of 4 people miss their chance with someone special? You might be the one I’m looking for…
  12. You always keep disturbing me in my dreams…Every night!
  13. If I’m the last woman on this planet, what would you do?
  14. Start your conversation by saying – You look so gorgeous. I feel like saying, “Wow.”
  15. You are a beautiful soul. I would love for you to be my best friend.
  16. If the screen door could talk, it would say “Hello” to you and then ask for your number so it could get some more attention…
  17. I was going out the door when this big bad wolf came in, disrupted my flow, and stole my number from me..!! What’s your number? 😉
  18. As an angel, I must say… You are a beautiful soul!
  19. You are definitely a keeper; I would love to be the one to take you home!
  20. I think you are extraordinarily great. 
  21. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade and see if the person next to you is as delicious as they look!
  22. Are you a daydreamer? If so, then my daydream is about your name written all over me! (I know it’s cheesy) lol
  23. What’s the best thing about your family? They have brought an angel like you to me;)
  24. Do you know what’s on today’s menu? ‘Me’ en ‘u’ 🙂
  25. I feel lonely, what should I do?
  26. If I saw you standing in front of me, looking all perfect and amazing… I wouldn’t be able to resist giving you my number!
  27. You put the pep in my step! If you want to get me going, give me a good reason! Lol
  28. If you were in a battle between two armies and they were about to clash, whose army would win from your head-on view? me, of course 🙂
  29. Did you just spawn out of an oven? Because you are quite hot!
  30. I just want to tell you that your eyes are amazing. They’re like looking into a mirror!
  31. When I first saw you, I thought you were a statue… But when I took off my hat, your hair started to move!!! (Good for bantering)
  32. If you were the last person on earth, how would you spend the rest of your life? (good for giving compliments)
  33. Are you a magician? Because every time we talk, I wish that everything is possible! (good for flirting)
  34. You look like something out of a fairy tale… Can I kiss your cheek? (good for flirting)
  35. If I were a lion, you would be my pride!
  36. I’m looking for an earring that fell out of my ear when I was talking to you! (good for bantering).
  37. Would you like to be my pencil so that I can erase all of my mistakes? 
  38. If you were a vegetable, what would it be? 
  39. Are you from outer space? Because we’re not supposed to be together! 
  40. I did not just fall from heaven, but I will surely fall for you!
  41. Do you believe in Love at First Sight? Because I fell in love with you when I first saw you!
  42. Do you know what my left eye is called? It’s called A “Knock-You-Out” Eye! 
  43. Don’t be alarmed, but if I were a lion, you’d be dead meat… But luckily, you’re so cute and lovely that I’m not going to eat you!!! 
  44. What does your name mean? Because when I hear it, I think of someone special like you! 
  45. I’m writing a research report on “What kind of love is most successful?” What’s your opinion? 
  46. If I were a fruit, what would you be? 
  47. Tell me what time it is? It’s time for me to say, “I Love You!” 
  48. There are only two reasons that I am following that car… It either has a bomb, or you’re inside! 
  49. What’s your favorite type of flower?
  50. Are you a ball? Because you are so much fun to squeeze!
  51. Hello, my name is Love, and I would like to be your friend! 
  52. Can you play the guitar? Because I’m dying to hear, you play it! 
  53. I wish I could meet you for real, not always in my dreams!
  54. If I were ice cream, what flavor would you be? 
  55. Can I take your picture and use it for a screensaver on my phone? 
  56. If I were in a movie, would you be my hero? 
  57. Can we go to my house and have fun now? Because that’s the only place that we can!
  58. What’s the best thing about the rain? It makes me feel warm and fuzzy like you!
  59. What’s the best thing about you? It’s you and me!
  60. I can’t help but stare at you… I see you everywhere!

These pick-up lines will surely help you to start a conversation over text with him and make him yours for!


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