Power Button Symbol – What Does it Represents

The advancements in the field of electronics and electrical appliances are making electronic gadgets more efficient, smart, and less space occupying. You may have observed the change in the power button symbol, as earlier power buttons had a slider or lever which could move to either side of the button physically.

Power button on position

The International Electrochemical Commission (IEC) initially incorporated the power button symbol into their graphical collection for utilization on electrical appliances. The International Electrochemical Commission 60417 standard contains the description of all the power buttons ever designed or used in electronic studies or industry.

Power ON-off Button

The power button symbol is not any casual symbol without any significance. The design of the power symbol button represents significance as the circular part as well as the line denotes something. The invention of microprocessors made switches simple pushbutton and more economical. The processor inside the switch can find out whether the command is to turn ON the switch or OFF.

Let’s understand in detail about the power symbol button:

Multiple types of Power Button used in electronics

What is Power Symbol and what does it mean?

The power symbol denotes the activation and deactivation of the power of a specific device. The power symbol comprises a small circular part and a vertical line part. The circular part represents that the power will disconnect to the device by using this control, whereas the vertical line part represents that the power will flow to the device as completely powered.

The meaning of the power symbol is that it is used to turn ON and OFF the power supply to the device or any electrical appliance. The power symbol has originated when the binary system replaced the ON and OFF term. The numbers of the binary system are 0 and 1. The number 0 is the sign of “Power OFF” and the number 1 is the sign of “Power ON”.

The I and O Power Button Symbols

In order to make a single symbol or button for ON/OFF switches, the numbers 0 and 1, are then combined to form the power symbol. The binary system was used to tag power buttons at the time of the second world war.

These power buttons can be distinguished by the intended purpose for which they are going to be used. These power symbols should not be confused with other power button power symbols found in this article since they are meant to tell you if it’s a power off or power on button.

Power buttons control the power to turn on and off the power of a device. These power symbols are located on home appliances, power tools, and electronic devices like laptops, computers, lights, power outlets, and cell phones.

These power buttons are handy if you want to operate specific devices efficiently without learning how to take them apart or reach for the manual every time you need to use them.

How were I and O Symbols created?

The power button symbols originated when power switches were used to turn the power on and off. It is believed that the I symbol represents the power switch being at its lowest position, while the O symbol is for the power button in its highest position.

People commonly use power on and off icons or power button symbols which are represented by an image of a power switch “I” or “O” to tell us if it’s a power on or power off button. These images have been used across various devices such as computers, appliances, and electronic devices like cellphones.

The power button symbols are usually depicted as “O” or “I” signs to indicate that the power is turned off. “I” symbol represents power being on, while the “O” means power is off. The power button symbols have been used in products from personal computers to cellphones since the early 1980s.

Next time you power up your computer, turn on the television or get ready for a long-distance call, take a look at those power buttons. You should see one of these two power sign i-o icons next to it!

So, where did this I and O originated? It all started with Morse code, an abbreviation for short dot (·) and long dash (-).  The power button is actually a combination of the power on and power off symbols. The more extended power sign (O) represented power on while the shorter power sign (I) stands for power off.

Since the i-o icons are tiny, users can easily misinterpret them as “i” or “o” depending on what language they speak. To prevent confusion, manufacturers usually opted to use other power buttons symbols such as light bulbs, computer mice, and even musical notes! Icons don’t have to look like that in order to carry their meaning, though.

Different Types of Power Button Symbols

  • Button power symbols with power cords: this power symbol is commonly used in power and ON-OFF switches. When a switch has a power cord, it usually means the power comes from somewhere else. So when the button inside a case or on the front panel of your PC is slid to “off,” it cuts off its power supply from outside sources and stops using its own power source as well. If you have ever not known where to plug in an AC adapter for your PC, chances are you might have accidentally turned it off before even connecting anything.

– power symbol with the power cord plugged in ( power is active )

– power symbol with power cord unplugged ( power is inactive )

  • Button power symbols without power cords are usually seen on an AC adapter or a DC battery charger. When you plug the power cable into a source, it will then have its “power switch” turned on as well and become active. And when you pull out the AC/DC cable from any of them, its corresponding button power symbol will be turned off to indicate that a disconnection has been made. If this type of button power symbol does not show a wire coming out of it, then it is meant to be used only for display purposes and never needs to be touched by the power supply.
  • Sometimes power cords are shown with connectors on both ends. Then there may be extra symbols, such as the “IN” and “OUT” arrows that indicate the direction of power flow, or even some specialized ones to display power capacity, power-on status…etc.

Let’s take a look at the zero with a slash design of the power button symbol:

Power Button . Power off position

Zero with a slash design of the power button symbol is a perfect design to represent the scientific information of the flow of current in the best and easiest way possible.

The zero in the power button indicates that the flow of current is hindered. There is no net flow of current in the circuit when zero is pushed. The slash or 1 in the design indicates that the circuit is complete, and the current is flowing through the circuit. When the current flows through the circuit, it leads to turns ON the device.

The zero with a slash is basically a representation of ON/OFF symbols. The ON/OFF symbols can be recognized by the change in the color of the power button.

Power Button Switch type 2 Power Button Switch type 3

The power button symbol is a standardized and internationally accepted symbol. The reason is that the function of the power button symbol can be understood by people all over the world.

Explanation on Power Symbols For The Way We Use Them Today

We use different types of power symbols. If you are ever confused about power symbols, just think of the power button on your TV or for digital devices; power buttons are found on most laptops and PCs and also digital products such as a phone/tablet or a DVD player.

These power icons give users an indication of what type of power is required to use these machines (e.g., AC power icon means that it requires an alternating current power supply).

Therefore, they should not be used in combination with any other power symbol shown here. These power symbols will have different meanings if combined with any other power symbols mentioned above except for the ones which we commonly use nowadays when referring to “power.”

Is Symbol necessary for Power Buttons?

Yes, symbols are needed for power buttons. Without power symbols, it would be impossible to discern if we had pushed the power switch successfully or not. Without power symbols on power switches, people might get confused about which of the switches controls the power supply, and they could push all of them to test which one turns the device ON and OFF. Therefore power symbols on buttons provide humans with clear signals when using digital devices such as computers or fans.

Power button symbols like these can be found in different industries. They represent the power button that will control the power source of a particular device. For instance, this symbol represents a fire alarm control panel, while another one represents an electric switchboard inside a building. The importance of understanding what these symbols mean is necessary.

The power button symbol does not depend on the language used in any particular part of the world. You will remember this article from now onwards whenever you look at a power button. I hope you have found this article interesting, and all your queries related to the power button symbol are resolved.

Thank you!

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How To Turn Off Comments On Facebook Posts | Easy Solution

No one ever imagined staying in touch with friends even without having their numbers or maintaining the phone directories. Earlier it was challenging to maintain “stay in touch” like phrases. But Mr. Zuckerberg, with some of his Harvard students and roommates, made it as easy as ABC for us. Yes, we are talking about Facebook, the largest social media and social networking application that has connected billions of users worldwide.

Facebook has diversified users, from an individual user to a community, group, or organization. Not every user has a good intention or shares similar thoughts. Some of the users use Facebook to denounce others. So we can say, Facebook is not just a platform for building business and posting personal lives, but also it spreads negativity and hatred to many.

Since whatever is shared or posted online is accessible to all, anyone can write or comment anything on the shared post. It has led to a myriad of criticism and trolling on Facebook. For instance, if a celebrity posts his pictures on his page and a frantic fan writes vulgar comments on the post. This will become subject to trolling, which might affect the celebrity’s fan following. To avoid the occurrence of such unforeseen incidents, it is essential to know how to turn off comments on Facebook.

Followings are few ways to turn off comments on Facebook posts:

Turn of comment on fb post

1) Turning off comments on the Facebook post using Privacy settings

Turning off comments is not that easy; you will have to be smart enough to take a grip over your privacy and content.

How to change the Privacy on Facebook

1) Whether you are using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, open your Facebook account on your favorite browser or directly go to the application.

2) Top-right on the screen, you will find a drop-down arrow; click on the arrow and select settings.

3) It will lead you to settings & privacy, and you change your setting from here.

4) You can choose people who you want to see your post. It is a matter of choice whether you want to reduce your personal information on Facebook.

5) Now, we are closer to turn off comments on Facebook by disabling comments on the Facebook posts.

6) There are five options available: public, friends, friends except, specific friends and only me.

7) Click on the “only me option” which means only you can see your shared posts, and since only you are able to see, you can only comment on those posts. After publishing the post there is always an option of updating the privacy.

  •  Change the setting of privacy for the post you have chosen.
  • The top right corner of the post has three vertical dots; click on it.
  •  There you will find the “edit privacy” option, press on it.
  • From the options available of friends, public, friends except, specific friends and only me.

If you want to show your post to selected people, select “friends except” option. It will help choose the selected friends to whom you want your posts to be shared. To enable this go to the account setting and click on “Who can post on your timeline?” Click on the option of “edit” and choose from “friends” and “only me”.

Now you have command on your random timeline posts.

2) How to turn off comments on Facebook posts: Groups

Turn off the comment on facebook post

Facebook allows friends, families, businesses, and people with similar interests to come together on a single platform. It creates a space to discuss different topics on the social media network. For businesses, they can build their brand awareness about their services and product to their target audience.

One can turn off comments on Facebook posts for their groups and pages. But remember one thing to turn off Facebook comments on your posts you must belong to either of the categories: The person who shared the post or the Admin.

Steps to turn off comments on Facebook posts 

  • Go to the page on which you want to set the privacy.
  • Choose the post for which you want to turn off the comments
  • Top right corner of the post has three vertical dots; click on it and turn off comments.

Only selected people in the group can also put comments by making the group private to some. Don’t try to turn off the comments for other posts you have not posted. As Facebook will not allow this, you can only turn off the Facebook posts from the group if you have shared it yourself or you are the group’s admin.

3) How to turn off comments on Facebook posts: New desktop Interface

Turn of commenting on Facebook post

For its desktop sites, Facebook has come up with a new interface. You can switch to the new desktop interface on the top right you will find a drop-down arrow, click on it and select – “new interface.” If want to use the old one follow the same process, click on “switch to classic Facebook.” There is little change with the change of the interface on how to turn off comments on Facebook posts.

Follow the below steps to turn off comments on Facebook posts on the new desktop interface:

  • Go to your account or page on which you want to make privacy changes.
  • Top right corner of the post has three vertical dots; click on it.
  • Click on the Edit Audience option.
  • Select from the given option of public, friends, friends except, specific friends and only me.
  • Click on only me and the comments for the post will be turned off.

Currently, switching back to the old interface is an option for users but further Facebook is planning to eliminate the old version. That’s why it is important to adapt to the new interface whether it concerns turning off comments on Facebook posts or anything else.

Facebook will help you find all your friends and relatives from different parts of the world. It allows exchanging text, photos, videos, and a lot about their lives. People stay updated with one another’s life with the post done on Facebook. Apart from personal, Facebook is also a professional platform where marketers target their right segmented audience and showcase their products and services. Facebook makes it easy for business people to promote their products cost-effectively.

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NSA, FWB, MBA, ONS, RM meaning on dating sites | Sexual slang quick guide

We live in the era of acronyms, as most of the conversation is done with the help of acronyms these days.

If we talk about dating sites, one should have clear knowledge about the acronyms of dating sites before entering the world of online dating.

I doubt, if you ever felt lost on dating site, while wondering what NSA, FWB, MBA, ONS, RM meaning on dating sites then you have landed on correct article as this article is all about: Sexual slang quick guide.

If you don’t desire to look like a newbie on dating sites, then you have to update yourself about the terms and abbreviations people use nowadays.

# What does FWB mean on dating sites?

The meaning of FWB on dating sites is “Friends with benefits”. The term benefit is a hazy term and it could be anything from emotional benefits to financial benefits. But the correct term “Friends with benefits” (FWB) on dating sites is used for the people who enjoy sexual benefits from each other.

“Friends with benefits” (FWB) are the friends who settle to enjoy sexual pleasure with a promise that no one is going to have emotional attachment or feelings for the other person. The mere purpose of this kind of relationship is to do fun and enjoy but it can be vicious because someone may get hurt.

Some studies show if someone wants to be emotionally neutral in any sexually active relationship then he/she has to keep sexual activity cuddle-free. Research done on “Friends with benefits” (FWB) after one year of starting of relationship shows that:

  • 15 % turned into serious romantic couple.
  • 25 % remained Friends with benefits.
  • 28 % quit the benefits and remained just friends.
  • 31 % were no longer in touch.

dating sites abbreviations and short-form used in chatting

# What does NSA mean on dating sites?

You have come across word NSA on dating sites and thought of What does NSA means on dating sites? Well NSA stands for “No Strings Attached”, which means person is looking for a fun partner only and not interested in some serious commitment or serious relationship.

No Strings Attached dates are casual sexual dates without any commitment about the time ahead. In No Strings Attached or NSA relationship, people restrict their interaction to just sex or whatever is agreed in the beginning of the relationship. In NSA relationship, one is free to sleep and date other people without any fear and guilt.

Many hookup sites are available on the web which allow users to be open about their needs and desires without feeling sheepish.


# What does DDF mean on dating sites?

It seems like new phrases, new words and new abbreviations are adding every day to the dictionary of the dating world, so to understand the dating sites you should be aware about all the updates.

DDF stands for drug and disease free on dating sites. Sexually active casual daters are also worried about their health and mention this on their profiles on dating sites. Sexually transmitting diseases can be worst effect of the casual dating habit of the people, so to avoid such circumstances one should be aware about the health condition of the partner.

“Drug and disease free” is often seen in online advertisements of dating sites, especially those sites which are for casual sex.

# What does PPM mean on dating sites?

PPM stands for Pay Per Meet on dating sites. The cost of living as well as dating is increasing day by day, one has to spend some money to get a great date normally also, but in case of PPM, person has to pay to the other partner as per the dates.

The Pay Per Meet (PPM) kind of relationships are free from feelings for each other and fear of ditching is also not there as no one wants anything serious, and they are just looking someone to have sexual pleasure by paying some amount.

Usually, people look for free options to get laid but mostly wealthy people or married people or who is looking just to have sex opt for the option of Pay Per Meet. When people don’t want to have any contact with their sexual partner, they meet and have fun by paying some amount to the other person and remain tension free.

Pay Per Meet can be done with money or currency but sometimes it can be in the form of nice hotel stays, fine dining or a fantastic vacation.

dating sites short-form used in chatting

# What does ONS stands for on dating sites?

ONS stand for One Night Stand on dating site, the moment you look this on a person’s profile on dating site, you immediately got to know what the person is seeking or desire from the dating site.

According to some studies, it is found that mostly men visiting online dating sites want casual sex and not serious relationships, on the other hand, mostly women want serious relationship with commitments. One Night Stand could be a great idea for someone to spend a night full of fun and pleasure but it could be a sin for some other person.

So, basically before approaching someone on dating site, first clearly understand and know about the needs and desire of the other person. In simple words, One Night Stand is basically “Fuck and Forget”.

 Clash between a desperate person looking for sex only and someone who wants serious relationship with commitments can make your online dating experience worst.

Knowing about the commonly used online dating phrases and about NSA, FWB, MBA, ONS, RM meaning on dating sites is really very supportive in gaining what you are look for in a faster way, whether it is something serious relationship or something casual sexual relationship with no feelings involved.

Last words:

I hope this article has made all your doubt clear about the acronyms used on dating sites like FWB, NSA, DDF, PPM, and ONS. Hope you get whatever type of relationship you want very soon, Good Luck Friends!

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Facebook dating not working? Fix the issue in 5 min

Baffled as your Facebook dating not showing up?

Don’t worry! Here we come up with a 5-minute solution for you.

As we all know it very well, Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps and is used worldwide.

Mark Zuckerberg built the app; social networking service in the form of a website started in February 2004. The app allows the user to make friends, a personal profile, and send messages. Recently Facebook has launched its dating app known as Facebook dating. This app will enable you to get filtered results based on your location, age, height, religion, number of children, and your way of interest. It will allow the user to like their preferred pieces of content, for example, photos, messages, etc.

While scrolling your past events and group section, this app allows you to pair with people from events and groups that you have already joined on the Facebook application. It has a particular feature or area that allows the user to add secret crushers to the user’s interest. But at times, this app might not work correctly in short due to some technical glitches or bugs.

facebook dating app is not working

Steps to enable Facebook dating

If you are wondering how to enable Facebook dating then these steps might be of help.

  • You have to open the Facebook application and tap on the menu in the top right corner of your feed.
  • Tap on dating and follow the steps given to set up your dating profile.
  • You must share your location, and then you have to upload your photo.
  • Your Facebook dating profile will be created using the information provided from your Facebook account.

In case you are unable to find the Facebook dating app option, then click on the Facebook dating link through which you can quickly get into the page of Facebook dating.


Guidelines that you can follow when Facebook dating not showing up

There are some Facebook dating app issues that should be taken care of –

  • First is Facebook dating not showing up.
  • At times Facebook dating messages also do not work, and even the Facebook location creates a significant problem.

These are the most common problems that users face while using the Facebook dating app. These problems might happen due to a service failure problem. You might have blocked the notifications or your internet provider. Your internet connection has a problem. You can solve these problems on your own.

Steps are mentioned below to stop Facebook dating not working issue:

  1. By turning on your location.

  • If the location is off, then it may result in Facebook dating not working.
  • First, visit the home screen and then tap Settings.
  • Select the options application and then scroll through to locate your Facebook.
  • Under the option permission, tap on location.
  • Then click the option to turn on your location services.
  1. By updating the Facebook app:

  • It might also be a reason behind your Facebook dating not showing up.
  • Visit your apple app Store or Google Play Store on your mobile and search for the Facebook app.
  • Click here to check whether any update is available or not. If any update is available, then update the app, and you are good to go.
  1. By checking your internet connectivity:

  • At times your internet connection may be the real reason behind your Facebook dating not working.
  • In this case, you need to turn on your mobile data or use Wi-Fi.
  • Check your connection. switch off or restart your device.
  • By switching off or restarting your device, somebody may fix Facebook dating not showing up.
  • By renewing your device, the phone memory will be refreshed, which will give more power to the Facebook dating app.
  • Hold the power button of your device to switch off or restart your device.
  1. By uninstalling and reinstalling the app:

  • It might also be a reason for Facebook dating not showing up. Orphan, due to excess cache, the app might not tend to operate appropriately. So by uninstalling and again installing the app might help.
  • Go to the settings of the app and press uninstall.
  • Then go to your Apple App Store or Google Play Store uninstall the Facebook dating app again.

Facebook Datiing App not working

Follow the steps to quickly fix your problem of Facebook dating not working:

In case you don’t know how to activate Facebook dating. At first, you must update the Facebook iOS app or Android app to make sure that you are having the latest version of the application. The Facebook dating will appear on Inaya’s new tablet, located in the main menu of the Facebook mobile app. Click on that option and create a dating profile and you are all set.

Few other problems faced and their solutions.

  1. If your Facebook dating not showing up, and you think that your Facebook dating not showing up, then the problem will be fixed by updating the app. Also, clearing the cache on your mobile phone can efficiently resolve these problems like Facebook dating not working.
  2. Another problem often faced other than Facebook dating not showing up is Facebook dating messages not working. In this case, the first solution is you can try updating your Facebook application, or you can restart your device. Often troubleshooting your internet connection might solve the problem of Facebook dating messages not working.
  3. Facebook dating not loading is almost a similar problem to Facebook dating, not showing up. In this case, you do not have to do all the steps as in the case of Facebook dating not showing up. Here, you need to update the Facebook mobile app to its most recent version. You might also turn on your auto-update option on your mobile device. It will help you update the app automatically whenever any new feature is being added to the app.

The Facebook dating application is a new feature in the Facebook application. Most people are not acquainted with this app. However, it provides useful features and is absolutely a modern app. In upcoming days this app will become more popular, and these issues won’t be coming up. But these are the fundamental problems that any app can have. So following these above troubleshooting steps, one can quickly get accustomed to the Facebook dating app.