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NSA, FWB, MBA, ONS, RM meaning on dating sites | Sexual slang quick guide

We live in the era of acronyms, as most of the conversation is done with the help of acronyms these days.

If we talk about dating sites, one should have clear knowledge about the acronyms of dating sites before entering the world of online dating.

I doubt, if you ever felt lost on dating site, while wondering what NSA, FWB, MBA, ONS, RM meaning on dating sites then you have landed on correct article as this article is all about: Sexual slang quick guide.

If you don’t desire to look like a newbie on dating sites, then you have to update yourself about the terms and abbreviations people use nowadays.

# What does FWB mean on dating sites?

The meaning of FWB on dating sites is “Friends with benefits”. The term benefit is a hazy term and it could be anything from emotional benefits to financial benefits. But the correct term “Friends with benefits” (FWB) on dating sites is used for the people who enjoy sexual benefits from each other.

“Friends with benefits” (FWB) are the friends who settle to enjoy sexual pleasure with a promise that no one is going to have emotional attachment or feelings for the other person. The mere purpose of this kind of relationship is to do fun and enjoy but it can be vicious because someone may get hurt.

Some studies show if someone wants to be emotionally neutral in any sexually active relationship then he/she has to keep sexual activity cuddle-free. Research done on “Friends with benefits” (FWB) after one year of starting of relationship shows that:

  • 15 % turned into serious romantic couple.
  • 25 % remained Friends with benefits.
  • 28 % quit the benefits and remained just friends.
  • 31 % were no longer in touch.

dating sites abbreviations and short-form used in chatting

# What does NSA mean on dating sites?

You have come across word NSA on dating sites and thought of What does NSA means on dating sites? Well NSA stands for “No Strings Attached”, which means person is looking for a fun partner only and not interested in some serious commitment or serious relationship.

No Strings Attached dates are casual sexual dates without any commitment about the time ahead. In No Strings Attached or NSA relationship, people restrict their interaction to just sex or whatever is agreed in the beginning of the relationship. In NSA relationship, one is free to sleep and date other people without any fear and guilt.

Many hookup sites are available on the web which allow users to be open about their needs and desires without feeling sheepish.


# What does DDF mean on dating sites?

It seems like new phrases, new words and new abbreviations are adding every day to the dictionary of the dating world, so to understand the dating sites you should be aware about all the updates.

DDF stands for drug and disease free on dating sites. Sexually active casual daters are also worried about their health and mention this on their profiles on dating sites. Sexually transmitting diseases can be worst effect of the casual dating habit of the people, so to avoid such circumstances one should be aware about the health condition of the partner.

“Drug and disease free” is often seen in online advertisements of dating sites, especially those sites which are for casual sex.

# What does PPM mean on dating sites?

PPM stands for Pay Per Meet on dating sites. The cost of living as well as dating is increasing day by day, one has to spend some money to get a great date normally also, but in case of PPM, person has to pay to the other partner as per the dates.

The Pay Per Meet (PPM) kind of relationships are free from feelings for each other and fear of ditching is also not there as no one wants anything serious, and they are just looking someone to have sexual pleasure by paying some amount.

Usually, people look for free options to get laid but mostly wealthy people or married people or who is looking just to have sex opt for the option of Pay Per Meet. When people don’t want to have any contact with their sexual partner, they meet and have fun by paying some amount to the other person and remain tension free.

Pay Per Meet can be done with money or currency but sometimes it can be in the form of nice hotel stays, fine dining or a fantastic vacation.

dating sites short-form used in chatting

# What does ONS stands for on dating sites?

ONS stand for One Night Stand on dating site, the moment you look this on a person’s profile on dating site, you immediately got to know what the person is seeking or desire from the dating site.

According to some studies, it is found that mostly men visiting online dating sites want casual sex and not serious relationships, on the other hand, mostly women want serious relationship with commitments. One Night Stand could be a great idea for someone to spend a night full of fun and pleasure but it could be a sin for some other person.

So, basically before approaching someone on dating site, first clearly understand and know about the needs and desire of the other person. In simple words, One Night Stand is basically “Fuck and Forget”.

 Clash between a desperate person looking for sex only and someone who wants serious relationship with commitments can make your online dating experience worst.

Knowing about the commonly used online dating phrases and about NSA, FWB, MBA, ONS, RM meaning on dating sites is really very supportive in gaining what you are look for in a faster way, whether it is something serious relationship or something casual sexual relationship with no feelings involved.

Last words:

I hope this article has made all your doubt clear about the acronyms used on dating sites like FWB, NSA, DDF, PPM, and ONS. Hope you get whatever type of relationship you want very soon, Good Luck Friends!