Top 50 Questions Girls are Afraid to Ask a Guy

50+ Tempestuous but Caring Questions Girls are Afraid to Ask a Guy?

Can one imagine a relationship without loopholes? There are situations in a relationship where the confusion arises, which needs healthy communication. But most of the time, it is ignored, and the relationship takes its disastrous form. There are endless questions girls are afraid to ask a guy, it is sometimes because of hesitation, and sometimes they are scared of losing their relationship. Girls have endless thoughts running in their minds but they just don’t feel free to share them with their guys.

When asking questions, you need to play safely with your words because you may hurt the person’s sentiments. If you are hesitant to put your words in a right and polite sequence, you must read this article. These questions girls are afraid to ask a guy is because of the openness they demand. But open and honest discussions are key to a sound relationship. Trust me, it is tried and tested.

Let’s list out the questions Girls are afraid to ask a Guy:

  1. Who is the most important person in your life?

Everyone has their priority person in their life. This question will help you know how much you are to his life. Sometimes, guys attached to their family keep their family on the priority list, which is completely acceptable. If he respects his family, he will be respecting you.

  1. Will you get attached to someone else even when we are together?

Most of the girls can relate to this question. This is the biggest insecurity of any girl; will his man leave him for any other girl. And therefore, it becomes a question girls are afraid to ask a guy. But the loyal and honest guy will never give up on his relationship.

  1. What do you think about us getting married?

These questions are asked occasionally to check the guy’s seriousness towards the relationship. Is he serious about you or just going half-heartedly? This question can sometimes bring a turning point to your relationship, but still, go ahead. A serious guy has future plans which they might not have shared with you.

  1. After marriage, I hope you won’t mind shifting to a separate house?

This could be other questions girls are afraid to ask a guy, as most of the guys who love their family will not get ready to shift. But if you want to move to a separate house, ask him and find out his opinion on this.

  1. What if I end up cooking terribly?

Food is the core of life, and it is said that one can win a man’s heart with delicious food. But there will be days where you might end up serving disaster to his plate; find out what he has to say on this. His support will surely hide your mistakes and will bring a smile to your face.

  1. If I would like to continue my work after marriage, will you agree?

This could be counted as the most serious questions girls are afraid to ask a guy. Many girls like to continue their work even after marriage, but they quit their carrier due to the overburdened family responsibility. Today the world is moving towards equality; find out his opinion on this.

  1. Would you mind me hanging out with my guy friends?

Like girls, guys are also insecure about their partners. If you both have accepted each other’s lifestyle, then it becomes acceptable, and nothing like this comes your way. If he is an easy-going man, he will never disallow you.

  1. Why are men fascinated by women’s physic?

You will find most guys don’t fall for a beautiful heart but beautiful physic. And this is the reason behind frequent breakups. If they find someone with more attractive physic, they will start cheating on their partners and ending the relationship. But a true one will hardly care about the physic; they only see people from their heart. This is one of the questions that girls are afraid to ask a guy.

  1. Do boys also gossip in the same way as girls do?

There are many subject matters on which boys discuss. And girls are often unaware of this. Like girls, boys also gossip but majorly, they discuss situations over people. Ask this question to him, and get to know, what do boys mostly discuss?

  1. What would be your reaction if someday I do something very serious without informing you?

Ask this question cleverly, as this could ruin the conversation. One of the most unsafe questions that girls are too afraid to ask a guy. Give them few instances and check out their reactions. If they are loud, then end up the conversation. On the contrary, if you find them calm, then carry on the conversation adding few more instances.

  1. If I fail to conceive, then how will you handle things? Will you support me?

For any girl, to ask such a question could be killing from within. Being a mother is the happiest phase of a women’s life. But if, due to some uncertainty, this situation appears, then her partner should support her with all his heart instead of leaving.

  1. What turns you on?

This could spice up the conversation, and he might feel shy answering this question. If he is also fair and square like you, he will list things that bring excitement. I won’t say this question will be counted that serious in the list of questions that girls are afraid to ask a guy; rather, it will let you both go naughty.

  1. How frequently do you think about make-outs?

This is the most intimate bond that two people share in a relationship. Boys often give a thought to this. They think about all the possibilities they could do to bring pleasure and make the session successful. Is he also an often thinker?

  1. Have you ever dated a Gym trainer?

Since boys are fond of physic, and if he is also just the same, he must have dated someone with good physic. Ask him to check out his inner desires. This can be counted under the questions girls are afraid to ask a guy.

  1. Is there any question you always wanted to ask a girl?

Like girls, guys also have many questions which they are willing to ask their girls. Mostly they are those questions on which they did not get complete information, so they try to find out the answers from their partners.

  More Questions Girls are Afraid to Ask Guys

  1. Would you leave me for someone else?
  2. Why do you talk so much to my female friends?
  3. Would you accept me in front of society?
  4. Will you talk about me to your parents?
  5. What does think is interesting about females?
  1. Would you mind if I smoke?
  2. What would you do if I cheat on you?
  3. Will you hand out with your female friends even when we are together?
  4. Are you ready to talk to my parents about us?
  5. If I would like to drive the car would you mind sharing your car with me?
  6. If someone from your family insults me, what will be your reaction?
  7. If I am not happy with your job?
  8. If I fail to make you a father, what will be your reaction?
  9. Are you capable of thinking about a family?
  10. Will you take care of mine?
  1. Will you treat both our moms equally?
  2. What would you do if someday I and your mom get into a heated conversation?
  3. Will you treat me the same after marriage?
  4. What if I fail to impress your family?
  5. What will be your reaction if you get to something which I have not shared with you?
  6. Will you mind if I ask you about your past relationships?
  7. What do you think about independent girls?
  8. How do you know so much about girls dressing?
  9. If I travel alone, will you allow me?
  10. If I would like to do something for my carrier, will you allow me?
  1. What relations you had before ours?
  2. If someone in my family doesn’t like you, what will you do?
  3. What if I don’t go for more than two kids?
  4. If I would like to wear comfortable clothes at your house will your parents allow me?
  5. Will I be allowed to bring my friends home?
  6. If someone from your family doesn’t like me, then?
  7. What if both our families fail to support us for marriage?
  8. What if I don’t fulfill your family’s expectations?
  9. What if I don’t like any of your close friends?
  10. How will you keep a balance between your mom and me?

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