PC VS Mac: How To Know Which Is Right For You?

In early 2000, there was a famous line of ads called PC vs Mac. They were hilarious and both the companies used them to showcase their advantage over the other. While Windows rules the desktop world, Mac is the favourite of the architects and the other creative folks.

But how do you know which one is right for you? In this article, we will try to help you arrive at a decision.

PC, who is it for?

Let us admit it up outright, PC is the most popular option for a desktop computer at home. The list of compatible tools is massive and windows hardware and software is cheap. You can tinker with the system on your own and replace parts with ease. And it won’t cost you a bomb to buy a new one. Windows 10, the current OS is sturdy, reliable and has built-in defences against malware. Except for the United States, students from almost every other country would have enough PC experience to use one.

Is Mac the right choice for you?

Mac is a little black wonder box. You may not know what is inside it. But it works! It is reliable and is not easily susceptible to malware attack. If you are used to Apple’s OS, you can use any of the upgrades with ease. But you will have to depend on the Apple Genius bar for any technical problems. Hardware is more tightly controlled and upgrades will cost you. Applications on the Apple side are slightly more expensive than the Windows. For creative people, Apple is the go-to device. Video editing on Mac is a lot faster than PC. Photographers, music editors and a lot of other folks swear by a Mac.

Now that you know the difference between the two, you decide if you are PC guy or a Mac guy.

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