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Ice Breaker Questions for Dating

What do you expect on a perfect date?

Well, before jumping on to the next question, let’s first clear our understandings of “what is a date?” It is a phase when two unknown people meet socially to experience and understand each other effectively. Now when we know what exactly is dating, we can plan few ice breaker questions for dating for our desired person.

Before planning a date, you should be well prepared with some ice breaker questions for dating. There will be times that could stick you, as it is a situation where you almost know nothing about the person. It could be both boring and exciting, but be smart enough to drive the conversation in your direction. Don’t be too anxious thinking about the other person’s reaction; maintain your cool, and things will go smoothly.

That person might be the one you have been wanting your whole life. Things might work in the right direction and you two could be paired for a lifetime. But before this, you should list out few ice breaker questions for dating.

10 Best Ice Breaker Question for Dating at the Introduction:

  1. Where do you belong to? (To initiate the conversation and to make the first move ask them about their hometown)
  2. What do you find interesting about your home town? (Once they have named the city, get to know some interesting facts about their city)
  3. Could you brief me about your family members? (You cannot miss out on this question as you are meeting the person for the first time)
  4. Do you miss your school? (Schools are boring initially, but later they give memories for a lifetime)
  5. Are you still in touch with any of your childhood friends? (This could be an ice breaker question for dating, to known how they manage their relations)
  6. What is your ideal childhood memory? (One has numerous childhood memories, ask for their favorite ones)
  7. Are you working somewhere? (Find out if they are working or not)
  8. What goals and aspirations do you seek in life? (If the person is passionate about their carrier, they would surely have some plans)
  9. What do you do on weekends? (This question will let you know about their hobbies and interest areas)
  10. Have you visited here before? (Are they familiar with the date spot, or was this their first visit)


10 Best Ice Breaker Question For Dating to ask a Guy:

  1. What, according to you, would be an ideal relationship? (Ask him to check what he is looking for in his partner)
  2. What attracts you about women? (Find out what interests him about women, but don’t get deeper into the conversation)
  3. What is best in you? (Ask him about his strengths, and accordingly appreciate him)
  4. What do you dislike about yourself? (Not strengths but weaknesses also counts on a person)
  5. Do you have any dirty secret to share? (This could be an ice breaker question for dating, as people always tend to hide their secrets)
  6. Are you a wanderlust? (Many people love to travel, ask him about his travel desires)
  7. What do you frequently crave? (Get to know about his favorite food and you can plan your second date there)
  8. If you have to define love? How would you define it? (His definition for love will let you know his expectations from his partner)
  9. Are you an anime addict? (Mostly guys are anime addict, is he also at one with them)
  10. What do you think of women? Are they equal to men? (This question could make or break the situation, but still, go ahead)


Ten Best Ice Breaker Question for Dating to ask a Girl:

  1. What is your definition of love? ( Find out what does she expects from her partner)
  2. What do you love to watch on Television?
  3. Do you consider yourself mature? (Girls like talking about positive things, this question will be an ice breaker question for dating)
  4. One question you expect people should ask you? (Everyone has some hidden desires which they expect to be fulfilled by their favorite person)
  5. What do you admire about yourself? (Girls desire to talk about themselves, if one can understand this, then this will take conversation to next level)
  6. What are you passionate about? (Ask her to know what are her dreams and goals in life)
  7. What do you feel like doing in your quality me-time? (Find out her hobbies and interest areas and make the discussion interesting)
  8. Being a female, what disturbs or annoys you the most? (These questions are frequently asked, as every woman has something in her life which annoys her)
  9. What changes do you seek in society today? Is it different from the previous one? (You must ask this question to women to know about their social awareness)
  10. Do you think strangers can also impact life? (Sometimes strangers have a great impact on our lives, did she also met any such stranger)

Funny Ice Breaker Question for Dating: 

  1. Do you have any weird desires? (Ask this ice breaker question and find out their weirdest desire)
  2. The most stupid thing you have seen people doing? (People do weird things in public, exchange your experiences for a laugh)
  3. Have you ever tried converting your name into any other language? (People do a lot many weird things, if you have done it, tell them about the incident)
  4. Did you ever wish this for any guest, “Oh! Guest when will you go back?” (Everyone has that one guest who we wish to leave immediately)
  5. The hilarious name you have come across? (Ask them about the hilarious name and burst out laughing)
  6. Do you like pranks or Have you ever enjoyed being a participant in any dirty prank? (Pranksters are unstoppable, if they are one of them, then you should better be aware of)

Be ready to rock your date, and turn all your anxiety into excitement. These ice breaker questions for dating will make your conversation more fascinating.

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