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How To Turn Off Comments On Facebook Posts | Easy Solution

No one ever imagined staying in touch with friends even without having their numbers or maintaining the phone directories. Earlier it was challenging to maintain “stay in touch” like phrases. But Mr. Zuckerberg, with some of his Harvard students and roommates, made it as easy as ABC for us. Yes, we are talking about Facebook, the largest social media and social networking application that has connected billions of users worldwide.

Facebook has diversified users, from an individual user to a community, group, or organization. Not every user has a good intention or shares similar thoughts. Some of the users use Facebook to denounce others. So we can say, Facebook is not just a platform for building business and posting personal lives, but also it spreads negativity and hatred to many.

Since whatever is shared or posted online is accessible to all, anyone can write or comment anything on the shared post. It has led to a myriad of criticism and trolling on Facebook. For instance, if a celebrity posts his pictures on his page and a frantic fan writes vulgar comments on the post. This will become subject to trolling, which might affect the celebrity’s fan following. To avoid the occurrence of such unforeseen incidents, it is essential to know how to turn off comments on Facebook.

Followings are few ways to turn off comments on Facebook posts:

Turn of comment on fb post

1) Turning off comments on the Facebook post using Privacy settings

Turning off comments is not that easy; you will have to be smart enough to take a grip over your privacy and content.

How to change the Privacy on Facebook

1) Whether you are using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, open your Facebook account on your favorite browser or directly go to the application.

2) Top-right on the screen, you will find a drop-down arrow; click on the arrow and select settings.

3) It will lead you to settings & privacy, and you change your setting from here.

4) You can choose people who you want to see your post. It is a matter of choice whether you want to reduce your personal information on Facebook.

5) Now, we are closer to turn off comments on Facebook by disabling comments on the Facebook posts.

6) There are five options available: public, friends, friends except, specific friends and only me.

7) Click on the “only me option” which means only you can see your shared posts, and since only you are able to see, you can only comment on those posts. After publishing the post there is always an option of updating the privacy.

  •  Change the setting of privacy for the post you have chosen.
  • The top right corner of the post has three vertical dots; click on it.
  •  There you will find the “edit privacy” option, press on it.
  • From the options available of friends, public, friends except, specific friends and only me.

If you want to show your post to selected people, select “friends except” option. It will help choose the selected friends to whom you want your posts to be shared. To enable this go to the account setting and click on “Who can post on your timeline?” Click on the option of “edit” and choose from “friends” and “only me”.

Now you have command on your random timeline posts.

2) How to turn off comments on Facebook posts: Groups

Turn off the comment on facebook post

Facebook allows friends, families, businesses, and people with similar interests to come together on a single platform. It creates a space to discuss different topics on the social media network. For businesses, they can build their brand awareness about their services and product to their target audience.

One can turn off comments on Facebook posts for their groups and pages. But remember one thing to turn off Facebook comments on your posts you must belong to either of the categories: The person who shared the post or the Admin.

Steps to turn off comments on Facebook posts 

  • Go to the page on which you want to set the privacy.
  • Choose the post for which you want to turn off the comments
  • Top right corner of the post has three vertical dots; click on it and turn off comments.

Only selected people in the group can also put comments by making the group private to some. Don’t try to turn off the comments for other posts you have not posted. As Facebook will not allow this, you can only turn off the Facebook posts from the group if you have shared it yourself or you are the group’s admin.

3) How to turn off comments on Facebook posts: New desktop Interface

Turn of commenting on Facebook post

For its desktop sites, Facebook has come up with a new interface. You can switch to the new desktop interface on the top right you will find a drop-down arrow, click on it and select – “new interface.” If want to use the old one follow the same process, click on “switch to classic Facebook.” There is little change with the change of the interface on how to turn off comments on Facebook posts.

Follow the below steps to turn off comments on Facebook posts on the new desktop interface:

  • Go to your account or page on which you want to make privacy changes.
  • Top right corner of the post has three vertical dots; click on it.
  • Click on the Edit Audience option.
  • Select from the given option of public, friends, friends except, specific friends and only me.
  • Click on only me and the comments for the post will be turned off.

Currently, switching back to the old interface is an option for users but further Facebook is planning to eliminate the old version. That’s why it is important to adapt to the new interface whether it concerns turning off comments on Facebook posts or anything else.

Facebook will help you find all your friends and relatives from different parts of the world. It allows exchanging text, photos, videos, and a lot about their lives. People stay updated with one another’s life with the post done on Facebook. Apart from personal, Facebook is also a professional platform where marketers target their right segmented audience and showcase their products and services. Facebook makes it easy for business people to promote their products cost-effectively.

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