Funny Ways To Answer The Phone

50+ Ridiculously Funny Ways To Answer The Phone for Enormous Laughter

Are you getting bored? Let’s find some super fun things to get rid of the boredom. Here we bring you amazing funny ways to answer the phone and add fun and entertainment to your life. Not every time we are ready to reply to the calls in the same manner. There are people who we don’t wish to talk to or we want to trick them with our mischievous replies. We often get random calls from businesses or personal numbers, to avoid those calls we must know amazing funny ways to answer the phone. 

Let’s list out, how we can go rolling over the floor the entire day with few tricks to answer over the phone call.  This will make everyone’s day.  

Funny Ways To Talk to the people who generally lose their cool 

1) I think the pan is on the stove. Well, now we can cook something delicious for us
    – This will turn the  anger into giggles

2) I know you are mad at me but the weather too cool to fight right now. Let’s postpone it.
    – These amazing funny ways to answer the phone will surely prevent you from the heated conversation)

3) You know what, you look super sexy when you are annoyed.
    – This will surely make the person blush  instead of being angry

4) I am already too hot to get into this heated conversation.
    – This amazing smart reply to cut unwanted  conversation will surely work 

5) I really wish to put the cherry on your nose, it will double the redness of your nose.
    – This super amazing funny way to answer the phone will surely make you laugh 

6) I am recording this, will send you once you are done with your session. Just hear your voice once, you can become a politician.       
– This is the best way to reply when someone is shouting at you) 

Best funny ways to answer the phone calls

1) Your brother is with us, send a bag full of money and take him away. 

2) You know what I have got the red button facility in my phone, so please shut your shit. 

3) Why don’t you jump from your building, this might help your brain get restore? 

4) You have called Nina but this is Kiara on the call. You can call later. 

5) Do you have any idea who you are talking to?  

6) I am sorry, I do not have anything to say. 

7) I hope the murder was successful? 

8) So please tell me how do you wish to die, you have called on the suicide point. 

9) Start with a horrified laugh, then simply say sorry to interrupt.  

10) Adjust your voice and answer like a telephone operator.

Funny ways to answer the phone calls of telemarketers 

1) Can I have your personal contact number.
    – Once they deny simply tell them that now you know how it feels when you call on the personal number just to sell your products. 

2) Please ask your family members to come to the conference.
    – This will make them embarrass and they will  keep the call

3) Did anyone tell you that you speak a lot? Do you consume something special?
    – This is an amazing funny way to answer the phone when talking to telemarketers

4) Okay, let’s talk something different, tell me how would you define a phone, and its usage.
    – Deviate them, from the conversation and they are never going to dial your number again

5) Do you know what is this universe made of? You must know before selling this product. You still don’t possess good knowledge.     
    – Cut the conversation by saying these random funny things

6) Have you ever tried calling boss and speaking the same lines?
– I’ll suggest you do it once. You will receive an amazing response.

Funny ways to answer the phone calls of random callers

1) You know who is on the line, your grandpa. So this is what you do during your extra classes. Let’s have a discussion tonight.             
    – This will make them scared and they will immediately cut the call

2) Start making different sounds like Haa Haa Hee Hee etc.
    – Finding it weird the other person will simply cut the call.

3) We need to hide the body immediately or else we will get into trouble.
    – These amazing funny ways to  answer the phone will surely put them into trouble

4) The police must be at your door, I have looted the bank, now you handle it, over to you.
    – By the time they understand just hang up and block.

5) Do you know that I can trace your number, I work in the police department.
    – They will never find a  way to your phone again

6) Why weren’t you picking up my call, I have been calling for so long.
    – If you say this to a person who  has given a blank call on your phone, they are surely not going to call back again

7) While coming back from the office, get some fruits and vegetables home.
    – This will puzzle the person on  the other side making it extremely funny and entertaining

8) How may I help you, you are connected to the mental asylum of your city? Let me know who is the patient?
    – They will never try to contact you again

9) The one you have called is dead, can she call you back later.
    – Say this hilarious statement and wait for  the reaction

10) Welcome to the kingdom of aliens. You are calling from which planet.
    – Start with saying this and wait  for the response

11) The dialed number is switched off, you can dial 100 to reach the person.
    – You are surely not going to  receive any call from this number

Just try these amazing funny ways to answer the phone and make your day memorable. People have used a  lot many to answer the phone. And it simply adds fun to your conversation and reduces monotony. Every day we get loaded with n number of calls and many of them are useless. To bring excitement we must try these answers and see how the person on the other side reacts.

10 New Funny ways to answer the phone calls:

10 new ways to answer the phone ..

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