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Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

Do you know that flirting is a healthy exercise and healthy flirting counts on a good relationship? It shows a person’s interest in another through verbal, text, and visual communication. Proper communication plays a crucial role in building a new relation. Getting to know a guy is not that easy. You have to play subtly on it. Before jumping into the conversion, you must frame the flirty questions to ask a guy. What you say reflects your personality, so choose your words wisely.

So, who are you checking out? Is he the guy from your college or workplace? Initiating the conversation sounds curious but can be challenging equally. If you are uncomfortable speaking in public places, social media is the way out. Be the first to break the ice and get to know about his taste and preferences, past life experience, desires and aspirations, and expectations from life by asking flirty questions to him.

What could be the flirty questions to ask a guy before initiating a conversation?

These could be:

  1. How you look so amazing? (This will add a smile and will enlighten up the conversation)
  2. What describes you the best? (You will know about his strengths which best describes him)
  3. What do you frequently crave for? (Grab this opportunity to ask him out to his favorite restaurant)
  4. Do you consider your friend’s opinion? (You will know about the importance of people in his life)
  5. How do you define yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?
  6. I hope you don’t get uncomfortable with a questioner? (This will let you know how much he is interested in you )
  7. What defines the best of you? (One of the flirty questions to ask a guy could be this )
  8. Who is your favorite person? (Ask this question and know about who is important in his life)
  9. What do you love to do in your me-time? (You will get to know his favorite pass time activity)
  10. What do you find worst about yourself? (You should not only add good things to your list but also find some of his weaknesses)

6 Interesting flirty questions to ask a guy

  1. What would you consider as a perfect date? (be on your toes, You can plan the date, accordingly)
  2. Are you a movie or a beach type?
  3. What attracts you about women? (Keep the count of the qualities he is saying)
  4. Are you checking out someone? (Now, this question can give you anxiety but if the answer is a “no” then bounce off the wall)
  5. How would you define love? (This question will help you know about his opinions on love and relationship)
  6. Would you like to plan out with me this Saturday? (hold your breath, his response will assure about his interest in you

14 Personal flirty questions to ask a guy

  1. Do you feel nervous when you gaze at me? (This question might make him more anxious, but shy at the same time)
  2. Do you like cuddling or a serious make-out? (Spice up the conversation with these questions and wait for his response )
  3. What do you find appealing to me? (Get into deeper conversation and let yourself known what he thinks about you)
  4. What would you do to tease me? (Get naughty and spice things up by asking such questions)
  5. What will be the special thing you would do if we are out on a date? (Get to know what special he could plan on a date for his lady)
  6. What excites you? (Well, this situation could be a bit awkward, but one can ask this question with a few haha…hahaas)
  7. If we both are locked someday in a room, what would be the first thing that will come in your mind? (Let his devil mind turn on)
  8. In what clothes do you lay down at night? (Ask him more personal questions and know about his everyday schedule)
  9. What do you expect from your relationship? (If he is expecting and serious relationship on just a half-hearted one)
  10. Will you be able to please me? (Through this question one will know what other person is willing to do for you)
  11. Do you hold any dirty secrets? (Everyone has it, hold back for his response)
  12. Which scene from your favorite movie would you like to relive with me? (You could also share your favorite scene from the movie)
  13. Do you fantasize about us? (These flirty questions will bring you both closer )
  14. Come on! Share with me your weirdest imagination? (Ask him to share his fantasies, check out the weirdest one )

6 Serious random flirty questions to ask a guy

  1. What are your recollections of life? (His memories from his life will let you know about his past)
  2. When was the last you got emotional? And why? (Guys who are a little emotional are also cute ones, as they are more sensitive towards people)
  3. What can you get hooked with for the entire day? (Check out his essentials of life)
  4. What do you dream and aspire about? (What are his carrier goals and what kind of life he expects)
  5. Is there any decision that affected your life immensely? (Everyone has a turning point in their life, know about his major decisions which changed his life)
  6. What are you crazy for? (This could be a random flirty question to ask a guy about craziness for things)

Top 6 Funny random flirty questions to ask a guy

  1. What surprises do you like the most? (Surprise him with his favorite gifts)
  2. What do you do on weekends? (If he is a party type, you can plan a day out or a day at home making food for each other)
  3. Weirdest things you do when you are alone? (Light up the conversation, turning thing in a funny direction)
  4. Have you done anything accidentally in public that has grabbed eyeballs? (This could bring humor to your conversation)
  5. Do you like pets? (If you both like pets, then you can plan more outings and spend more time together)
  6. Most hilarious memory of yours? (His hilarious memory will let you both go rolling on the floor)

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