Dreaming About Someone

Dream about someone – What does it really mean?

When you dream about someone, that person often has significance to your life. If you have recently seen someone and then dreamt about them, the chances are high that they have significance in your dream. The person being present in your waking life would lead to the person’s image being stored in your memory, which could then transfer into the dream state. You probably have strong feelings for this person – either positive or negative ones – which could be transferred into a dream.

 How does dream about someone mean?

Not surprisingly, dream about someone you love or dream about the person who is close to you is usually positive and represents some of your deepest feelings. These dreams also help strengthen your bond with that person. However, a dream about someone can also be a warning if it represents a relationship or individual that may influence your life in a negative way.

If you had a dream about someone who is already dead, it’s not necessary to think about it negatively. In this case, a dream means that something significant is happening in your dreamer’s life – often more good than bad. If you see someone in your dream, the first thing you should do is ask yourself, “Do I know this person?”, “Did I ever have this happen with this person before?”.

A dream about a friend – Reality behind the dream?

You dream of a good friend, and you are talking with him or her? This dream might not be as common as some other dreams, but it does indeed happen. It is likely you dream of your friends when something important happens in your friendship life. If the dream about a friend is meaningful, this dream can actually tell you what’s going to happen next in your close bond with that person, or even that person will soon move away for some reason.

Amazingly enough, if you dreamt of yourself being aggressive towards one of your friends, this could mean that there was someone who was trying to hurt you on purpose and then made up an excuse for his/her action by blaming you for whatever he/she will do. You should beware of what’s happening around you.

Two Clues to a dream about someone who is already dead

First of all, you have dreamt of someone who died 30 years ago. If that dream is too clear and vivid, it means that this person might be trying to tell you something very important or he/she needs your help as time can’t wait any longer. 

What if you dreamt of friends who are still alive? This kind of dream means that they should continue what they are doing right now unless there was some negative detail attached to the dream; for example, these people were arguing with each other (dreaming about an argumentative couple also has another meaning) or someone’s face suddenly turned into a monster for no reason at all. Anyway, look at your dream carefully!

What Does It Really Mean To Dream About Someone Dying?

This dream can be either positive (someone is trying to reach out to you) or negative. 

1. There may be a possibility that this person has a question he/she wants to ask you but for some reason cannot do it while alive. He/She might have decided to send his message through a dream and as soon as you figure out the meaning of your dream, please, help him/her with an answer!

2. A dream where someone dies because of your mistake is definitely a negative dream, even if it was just an accident. You will probably feel guilty about this dream, and just by looking at the face of that dead person, realize what mess you got into!

Dreams about somebody dying may mean that the person is sick or that you are worried about their health. A dream where someone dies because of your mistake is definitely a negative dream, even if it was just an accident. You will probably feel guilty about this dream, and just by looking at the face of that dead person, realize what mess you got into!

Dreaming that somebody died while having sex with you can be interpreted in two ways: either dreamer was seduced by this person’s charm and felt bad about doing such act after the death of his/her beloved.

Dream about a recently deceased person. It may be that you feel guilty for things that occurred before their death, or there may be unfinished emotional business with this person which your subconscious is trying to resolve. It can also indicate issues within yourself or in your own relationships which need to be resolved.

Sometimes resolving these emotions will come as a relief from your waking life; other times, the dream might leave you feeling more confused than when you went to bed!

This could also mean that you feel neglected by this person during your waking hours, and you are subconsciously demanding their attention in your dreams. So, whenever you dream about someone dying, just make sure to contact them in the morning.

What Does It Means When You Dream About Someone You Like In Your Life?

Dreaming about someone you like usually means that you are thinking about them in a positive way. This could be because you have been thinking of them often, or they may have been on your mind a lot recently.

These dreams can also appear because you feel worried that they might reject your feelings for them. In these cases, dreaming about someone can help the subconscious to work out negative thoughts and worries relating to relationships.

You may have recently experienced something good with this person in real life, and your subconscious is reminding you of this through a dream.

Can Dreams About Dead People Come True?

Whether you are dreaming about someone who is already dead or dreaming about someone you like, these dreams may or may not come true.

Dreams are simply our subconscious mind working on recent events and giving us insight into how we feel about them. It is not necessary to intercept a dream as a prophecy. 

But, many theorists believe that dreams are photographic memory of the future. The accuracy of the dreams is completely dependent on you and how you see your dreams.


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