Really Confusing Questions To Ask Your Friends - Make Them Think Hard!

Really Confusing Questions That Will Blow Up Your Mind

We all have those moments when we’re sitting around, trying to answer a question and can’t. You know the ones. A question like, “Is Orange fruit named after orange color or orange color named after orange fruit?” Or “ If you enjoy wasting time on movies or games, is that time really wasted?” These confusing questions make your brain hurt so bad you want to scream.
This blog post is a list of confusing questions that may or may not be familiar with. We’re going to get into some deep and heavy stuff, so I strongly advise reading through all 50+ confusing questions prior to answering them. Some of the answers to these questions will blow your mind, and some might leave you scratching your head.

1. How do cops handcuff a handicapped man?
2. If a building is already built, why do we still call it a building?
3. Does my dog like me?
4. If everyone likes to get a lot from the government, who likes to pay taxes?
5. Does animals have separate heaven?
6. If you draw a circle and make it a point, is it still a circle?
7. Why do we have to use paper bags and not plastic bags?
8. How to make your clothes dirty if you live alone?
9. Are we living in a simulation?
10. If almost everything on Earth is alive, does it makes Earth alive?
11. When is the silent part of ‘Silent Majority?
12. Is it possible to keep a broken promise?
13. How did time begin?
14. Is Math invented or discovered?
15. Does Afterlife really exist?

Confusing Questions To Ask Your Friends (With Answers!)

Do you have that one friend in your group who thinks that he is the smartest and knows everything? Ask these confusing questions to him/her and make him question his/her own brain!

1. A boy fell off a 25-foot ladder but didn’t get hurt. How is it possible?
Ans – He fell off from the bottom step of the ladder.

2. How did the chicken cross the road?
Ans. The chicken crossed the road using a ladder.

3. Why doesn’t a cycle stand on its own?
Ans. Because it’s tired!

4. How does someone handle a job that he/she is disliked by others and is having a nightmare at night about the other fellow?
Ans. Someone handles the job by using a bucket that contains dish towels.

5. How can you stop a moving object?
Ans. You can’t.

6. What is it at the end of a Rainbow?
Ans. W

7. What can always run but never walk?
Ans. Tap Water

8. What has five fingers but isn’t actually alive?
Ans. A Glove

9. What can’t cast a shadow?
Ans. Fire

10. What has teeth but can’t bite?
Ans. Comb

Unanswerable Confusing Questions To Ask

There are some confusing questions that would make you scratch your head, laugh out loud, and just plain perplexed. From silly to serious, these will surely get your mind racing and leave you thinking about life. Head on to these unanswerable confusing questions that you can ask anybody. Sit back, relax, and think!

Unanswerable Confusing Questions To Ask-
1. Can you take twenty birthdays at one time?
2. Did someone who never existed leave me something in his will?
3. What if tomorrow never comes?
4. Where is a restaurant that serves only single men?
5. What is what in what?
6. How much is too much?
7. When is it the right time to cry for a dead person?
8. See a man standing up in a river; can you tell how deep the river is?
9. What if bad people die and good people get killed?
10. If you go back in time and kill your grandfather, do you still exist?
11. Why do we humans spend hundreds of years looking for our other half?
12. Does past, present and future really exist, or we just made it up to measure time?
13. Tomorrow was always Yesterday?
14. Are we alone in the whole Universe?
15. Are we living in a digital world, and we sleep to get recharged?

Confusing Questions That Will Make Everyone Think

These confusing questions will make you think a little thought and will take you some time to answer them. Some of these difficult questions might confuse even the brightest of your friends and may give you ideas, but you won’t be able to solve them. Enjoy!

1. If money does not grow on trees, why do banks have branches?
2. Why does rain drops but snow falls down?
3. How long would a person sleep if a clock was ticking right next to his/her ear?
4. If Atheist goes to court, do they have to swear on the bible?
5. What is it better to have: a one-time experience or never forget memories?
6. Why do we fall in love with someone else when our heart already has a few pieces missing?
7. Is there any way you can think of to make every human on Earth happy at the same time?
8. If the vanilla extract is brown, why is vanilla white?
9. What can’t we survive on salty water as we all evolved from the ocean?
10. Why can’t we walk through walls?
11. Where does the light go when you turn off the lights?
12. Why do so many people wear glasses at night?
13. Why do you fear ghosts if you don’t believe in God?
14. Can you taste color, or is it just a myth?
15. Can we really store our memory?

Trick To Answer Confusing Questions

There are some confusing questions that are not clear what even means, where to get answers and why this is so confusing. There are some tricky, confusing questions that will make you lose your cool and cause a mess. Use these simple tricks to answer these tricky, annoying questions.

1. Answer If you can’t, ask them to explain it again, repeatedly, till you get it.
2. Ask multiple ways to answer the question in order for them to accept your answer (i.e., “what is the best way?” or “can you tell me in different words?”)
3. Answer with something that’s easy for everyone to understand (depending on the question).
4. Ask them questions that are easy to understand.
5. If all else fails, ask, “What is the question again?”
6. Don’t stress out… It’s all good! Maybe they do want you to know the answer – just not yet.
7. Keep giving them options like this until they stop asking you questions altogether!
8. Every riddle or confusing questions have more than one answer; put a little pressure on your brain and think about the simplest answer. For example, if someone asks you -” What should be broken before using it?” The answer to this question is ‘An Egg.’ But there are other sensible questions too, like groundnut and peanut.





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