50+ Unique Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them

If you secretly like someone, whether it be your friend or your crush, you have to expel your feelings to them one day. But how to tell someone you love them? Don’t worry; we have your back!

Everyone’s love language is different. The best way to tell someone you love them is to speak to them in a love language. It can be tough to figure out what their love language is, which is why we’ve created this list of 50+ ways for you to show someone how much you love!

  1. Your Body Language 

Whenever you are close to someone you love, it’s better to keep your phone or work aside and be attentive towards him/her. Apart from this, your body posture should be better. Make sure you wear proper clothes. Try to make eye contact with him/her and let them know they’re important.

  1. Your Speech 

If you like someone, make sure you’re talking to them in a sweet and soft tone. Avoid using slang or cursing language whenever you are with them. If you’re on the phone with him/her, try to use proper grammar and spelling. Your voice should also be a little higher pitched and softer.

  1. Your Touch 

If you really like someone, your touch towards that person should be more frequent than others, even if he/she is a relative of yours. You can touch their arms or shoulders while talking to them, hug them for greetings, and even hold hands while going out.

  1. Give them Gifts 

If you like someone, their birthday or anniversary should not go without a gift. Try to give your love gifts that express your feelings for them; it could be flowers or chocolates or maybe a teddy bear. 

  1. Your Words 

Please make sure the words that come out of your mouth are healthy and beneficial to your relationship with him/her. Don’t speak badly about their friends or family in front of him/them and avoid talking about sex unless they bring it up first.

  1. Help them out

If you really want to tell someone you like them, then it’s time to be handy! You should help them whenever they are in need. For example – You can help them in their school projects or help them reach home safely. 

  1. Express your emotions

If you love someone, express your emotions through your behavior. If you are happy, make sure they know it. If you’re sad, let them feel for you too. Your happiness should spread around them and let them know how special they are to you.

  1. Your Creativity 

Don’t forget to write little notes and cards for your love to express how much you care for him/her! Little things like these can bring a big smile to their face. You can also buy little gifts from an old shop or try to set up a surprise date! Make sure that the place is not overcrowded so that the love of your life gets all the attention he/she deserves!

  1. Spend Time With Them

Take time off from your busy schedule and go out to meet your love. Show them that you care for them by simply spending some time with them. 

  1. Make them feel good about themselves 

Don’t forget to compliment your love at least once in a while! If they look nice, tell them. If they did a good job with something, express it! Every person wants to know that they are loved and appreciated, so make sure you do it!

How To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’

You might be wondering how to tell someone you love them without actually proposing to them. It’s not as difficult as it looks! All you need is to follow these picky lines and let them know you care for them!

  1. You are special to me, and your smile makes my day!
  2. I like the way to talk.
  3. I am willing to share my deepest secrets with you.
  4. You are my favorite person in the world!
  5. I like spending time with you!
  6. If I am lucky enough, I would want to spend the rest of my life with you!
  7. You make me feel better when I am sad and make me laugh when I am angry!
  8. Your presence makes me happy, and your absence makes me sad.
  9. You are the best of all persons in this world!
  10. My feelings for you are strong, beyond words…!
  11. I want to know more about you…
  12. We have the same taste in music!
  13. If there is a place in heaven for me, I would love to meet you there!
  14. On this earth, I like you better than anyone else!
  15. You are my best friend!
  16. Your honesty is something I admire…
  17. Everything you do makes me happy and makes me smile…
  18. There is nothing I wouldn’t give to be with you!
  19. You make me feel warm from head to toe when we are together..!!
  20. Can we spend more time with each other?

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him In A Unique Way!

Do you have the perfect boyfriend, and you want to tell your boyfriend you love him? Here are some excellent ways you can do that!


  1. Wear Something That You Love And Look At Him Daily In A Way That Shows Your Love

You can take a chance and wear something that you love and look at him in a way that shows your love if he notices all the more good! It will surely make his day!

  1. Make Him Happier Than He Has Ever Been In His Life Before.

There is one thing no one will ever deny when it comes to relationships – it takes two people to make it work. Try doing something that will make your boyfriend feel happier than he has ever been in his life before. This is a simple way that will tell him you love him without even saying it!

  1. Hold His Hand…

If you are on a date with your boyfriend and holding his hand makes you happy, then go ahead and do it. It will surely make him feel warm enough to melt his heart!

  1. Plan A Romantic Date And Tell Him About It…

Plan a romantic date with your boyfriend, as this is one of the best ways to tell your boyfriend that you love him more than anyone else! But, be careful not to plan such things too frequently as these are meant only for special days.

  1. Just Talk To Him…

This might sound boring, but it really is what you need to do. It works especially well if you have been busy and haven’t seen each other for a long time. Talk to him about the things that are happening around you so that he is aware of your life. This will surely make him realize how much you love him!

  1. Give Him The Best Birthday Present He Has Ever Received…

Do something for your boyfriend on his birthday and give him the best birthday present he has ever received in his life! He will surely look forward to such things from you every year!

  1. Make Him The Best Valentine’s Day Present Possible…

Make him the best Valentine’s Day present possible and give him something that will really make him feel loved. This will surely make him think of you only on this day!

  1. Take Him On A Date To Make Him Feel Special…

When taking your boyfriend on a date, tell him about how special he is to you and how much you value his presence in your life. This will surely make your boyfriend feel happy about his presence in your heart! 


How To Tell Someone You Love Them Over Text

Liking someone over text is a more challenging task because using your words is the foundation of your text. You have to craft each word carefully and thought in order to make your message as powerful as you can. Do not hesitate to write the most eloquent message possible! Here are some ways to tell someone you love them over text – 

  1. Look For Things They Like

Show that you are interested in their favorite activities or interests by finding things they like and then showing that you appreciate their passion for it. You do not need any specific hobby, just show that you value their interests. Picking a topic that all of your friends enjoy too will also make them really happy! 

  1. Chose Something Special

Spontaneous things do not have to be expensive; they just need to be special. Check out some of their favorite things and see if you can find a specialty item that is related to that thing. Do not just get them everything they like, even if it is cheap or free. Instead, get something that will impress them with your thoughtfulness.

  1. Make Plans For Future Dates

If you tell someone over text that you love them, then make sure you tell them exactly where and when this love will happen again! Make plans for future dates, so it does not seem like your promise is only in the moment of text messaging.

  1. Ask For Their Opinion

If they have something in mind that you would love to, ask them for their opinion. Do not just tell them your idea and show that you do not care about their opinion. Instead, take the time to figure out if their idea is similar to what you are looking for or different. This will make your message look like it was well thought out and helps make it feel more genuine.

  1. Follow Their Posts

A fantastic way to show someone that you love them is by giving them attention and showing that you care about what they are saying. Do not just read their post, but comment on it or like it if they have one. Follow their posts on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr to show that you are part of the person’s life to whom you are telling them over text. These were some of the ways to tell someone you love them.


How To Tell Someone You Love Them Quotes

There are many different ways to tell someone you love them. However, many of the ways are difficult to do in person. If you want to show that you care about your partner, but there is no time, then this is the way to go. For this method to work, you must find a good way to do it. Try these options out and see which works the best!

  1. I can’t believe you are mine
  2. We are like a puzzle piece – made for each other!
  3. You are in my heart; you won’t be out
  4. Your love has made me better
  5. I try to be the best version of me for you
  6. My happiness is tied to yours
  7. You complete me as no one else can
  8. You’re the light in my life; we are meant to be together
  9. I think I get crazy whenever you come close to me.
  10. You are the best person in my life.


How To Tell Someone You Love Them On A Date 

When it comes to telling someone you love them on a date, there are many different techniques that you can use. However, most of them are difficult to do in person. If you want to show that you care about your partner without having someone around, this is the best method. Try these out and see which one works best!


  1. Just be yourself – There is no need to pretend to be someone else or act a certain way for their benefit. Instead, just be yourself and let others see this side of who you really are!
  2. Fill the silence – Taking time to talk is one of the most powerful ways you can make someone feel loved. Ask them about their lives, what they are into, and anything that is bothering them. This will let them know that you care more than they did before!
  3. Be funny – Humor is one of the most important things during dates. Try to make jokes and be funny if something can come up to scare them or make them laugh! Even if it gets awkward, it will still show you care!
  4. Kiss – A kiss on a date shows your partner that you love them and how much value you place on your relationship with them. If they have agreed to go on a date with you, then show that you expect more than just a kiss. Make sure that the kiss is special and shows who you are as a person!
  5. Hold their hand – A lot of couples hold hands when they are together. However, sometimes it can make things awkward if someone sees or feels that this is not normal for them. Instead, try holding their hand for the first few seconds of the date! This will show them that you mean what you say when you tell them that you love them!

How To Tell Someone You Don’t Like Them

It is important to know how to tell someone that you do not like them. This way, your partner will be able to avoid you in the future and learn from their mistakes. Below are some great tips for telling someone that you do not like them –


  1. Let them know how a stranger or friend feels about your opinion of them – If people ask you about the person they love, tell them exactly what a stranger or friend would say about that person. This way, they can begin to see why people dislike this person!
  2. Give honest feedback – Knowing why people dislike someone can help other people avoid that person as well.
  3. Tell them how they feel about others – As a person, you need to care about how you make other people feel. Therefore, if you see someone in an uncomfortable or awkward situation, tell that person immediately!
  4. Tell them how you would come off to others – You might have a lot of great qualities, but there are still some things that make you seem less than worthy of attention from others. Make sure that these things don’t affect your partner and avoid them in the future! These were some of the ways to tell someone you don’t like them.


How To Tell Someone You Love Them In Person

Suppose you have any deep feelings, it is always better to tell someone you them! However, you may still be nervous about it. Sometimes the best way to do that is in person. Below are some ways to tell someone you love them in person. Try these out!

  1. Put Your Hand On Their Shoulder – If you want to show your partner that you love them, then put your hand on their shoulder! This will be the first thing they see and one of the first things that they notice. It will show them how much you care by telling them how they feel about their relationship with each other!
  2. Look Into Their Eyes – Direct eye contact can show a great deal of interest for something or someone else as well as emotions being evoked from that person or place.
  3. Bring Them Close To You – Sometimes, people are afraid to tell someone they love them because they are afraid that the other person won’t return this feeling. However, bringing someone close to you is a great way to show them how much you care about them and want to love and be loved by them!
  4. Be Honest – If you really do care about your partner, then make sure they know it! Be honest with them and tell them how much you actually love them. Showing this will help build the relationship and get rid of any awkward feelings that may be there between the two of you!
  5. Tell them how you have felt all along – Telling your partner that you love them is one of the best ways that you can show that feeling to others. However, if you let others know from the start, they may not believe it was always there. If they did not notice it from the beginning, then this will be a great way for them to see what they have missed out on up until now!


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