50+ Random Funny Things To Say and Get Rid of Boredom

50+ Random Funny Things To Say and Get Rid of Boredom…Funny & Weird

If you are having a bad day, what best way to make yourself feel better than with a good laugh?. 

When you’re trying to have a conversation with someone, whether it be about the mood, what you ate for lunch, or just your day in general, it can help to think of funny things to say. This blog post is full of some great ideas. Pick one that’s right for the moment and try it out! Have fun the next time you have a conversation with someone—you might learn something new about yourself in the process too. Here are funny things to say that might help you get rid of some boredom.


Here are some funny things to say to bring laughter

You don’t have to be a genius or comedian to come up with funny things to say. You just need a good sense of humor and a willingness to see the world in a different light from time to time.

Humor is subjective, of course, and what someone finds hilarious may not be funny at all for someone else. This list includes things you could say that is guaranteed to make you laugh, as well as some that will probably make other people laugh while making you cringe. Read on for some funny things to say!


  1. Call Pizza Hut and ask them to order a pizza from Domino’s
  2. Visit a nearby Bar and ask the bartender for a glass of water. After drinking the water, act like you are high!
  3. Write a note saying that you are sorry to have damaged your car and put it in a randomly selected car.
  4. Go to the pet store and ask for a pedigree for your brother/sister and see the reaction of the shop owner.
  5. Show your id to random people and ask them – “Have you seen him/her?”
  6. Get a walkie-talkie and hid it in your mailbox. Whenever someone passes by your house, yell – “Your zip is open!”
  7. Print out a cat poster, put a ‘Missing Dog!’ sign on it, and stick it on walls.
  8. Go to McDonald’s and ask them where the nearest McDonald’s store is?
  9. Play Truth Or Dare with your friend, and when he/she chooses Dare, tell him/her to clean the soap!
  10. Go to any general store and find an old man and yell – ” Grandpa! You are still alive?”
  11. Wear a chicken costume and go to the nearest KFC shop and shout – “Where are my babies?”.
  12. Go to the nearest food store and buy a donut. Then complain why your donut has a huge hole in it?
  13. Buy a banana, go to the Apple service center and ask them to upgrade to Apple!
  14. Go to any bathroom and hid a walkie-talkie. Whenever a person comes out, shout on the other walkie-talkie – “You forgot to Flush!”.
  15. Buy a dog and teach him ways to make you unhappy.

Go to a nearby shop, buy candy with 1 cent and ask the shopkeeper – “Can I get a 90% discount on it?”


Funny Questions To Ask Someone to Break The Silence

Laughter can lower stress, regulate your heartbeat, and release endorphins that make you feel happy. Having a good sense of humor is also important for socializing and building relationships with others. If you want to get to know someone better or are looking for some laughs, these are some funny questions to ask them!

  1. If buildings are already built, why do we still call them buildings?
  2. How many humans actually put a suit in a suitbag?
  3. Marsquakes vs Earthquakes, aren’t they the same?
  4. Would you rather be bald or have horns?
  5. Would you rather have eyes like an owl or weight like an elephant?
  6. Would you rather date with a zombie or a vampire?
  7. Would you rather live in a world where you can only see people who look like you or hear people who sound like you?
  8. Would you rather get a free lifetime supply of coffee or tea?
  9. Would you rather be immortal but have no feelings or feelings but mortal?
  10. Would you rather drink coffee every day or eat vegetables for the rest of your life?
  11. Would you rather play be friend with an introvert or extrovert?
  12. Would you rather have to do push-ups every time you sneeze or sneeze every time your feet touch the ground?
  13. Would you rather have to swap heads with someone every day or switch your body with a penguin every night?
  14. Would you rather be smart but shy or dumb but active?
  15. Would you rather not be able to talk, but everyone understands you perfectly when you write notes or do not read, and everyone understands your speech perfectly when you write it out on a piece of paper?

Random Funny Things To Say To Anyone

Have you ever been in a situation where words just seemed to fail you? When you need to say something, but the only thing that comes to mind is not appropriate or witty enough. So, what do you do?

Well, don’t worry! We have your back. Here are some funny things to say that are safe and appropriate for any occasion.

  1. If you’re not getting at least ten minutes of sunlight a day, you aren’t giving yourself enough vitamin D.
  2. If you’ve been separated from your keys for more than five minutes, you don’t know where they are.
  3. Hey, What have you done today? Why is your mommy shouting at you? Have you heard that?
  4. You can always tell who’s been drinking by looking at their feet.
  5. The reason he/she can’t come to the phone right now is that they’re driving.
  1. The important thing in life is not to think too much but make smile and go ahead. 
  1. Why Angels can fly? Because they take things lightly!
  2. The difference between genius and stupidity is that a stupid person never accepts himself or herself as stupid!
  1. When someone farts, the first one to smell it is most probably the one who farted.
  1. Hey, What have you done today? Why are the cops looking for you?
  2. If you’re not in a hurry, it’s probably too cold outside to go outside.


Funny Things To Say On A Date

Are you going on a date and worried about it? Don’t worry, pick any one of these funny lines and impress your girlfriend on the date.

  1. Do you wear real diamonds or fake diamonds?
  2. Are you more of an intellectual person? Or a physical person?
  3. Would you prefer not to be rudely awakened or rudely awaken yourself every single day!?
  4. If you had to force yourself to have a different job, what job would it be?
  5. Would you rather date me or get $100,000?
  6. What do you like most about your family and friends?
  7. Would you rather live in a small apartment or a big house?
  8. Would you rather be small and cute or big and ugly?
  9. Do you prefer to live in the city or on a farm?


Ha ha! I’m sure you enjoyed reading this article, and I hope you learned something new.

So what are you waiting for! Make these things say, ask or do by your friends, family. This blog post is full of some great ideas. Pick one that’s right for the moment and try it out! Have fun the next time you have a conversation with someone; you might learn something new about yourself in the process too. Enjoy!


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